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Grass Fed Beef, Jamestown, RIWindmist Farm is one of the more visible farms on beautiful Conanicut Island (more commonly called Jamestown) located in the middle of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. The land has been farmed since colonial times and George Neale started keeping cows here in the early 1960's when he was just a kid.

It was in the early 90's that he said to his wife, Martha that he would like to get one of those "oreo" cows. Now from the original three Belted Galloway cows Windmist Farm is becoming known for its large herd of "belties" seen contentedly grazing in the shadow of the Newport Bridge. With the help of their family, the Neales also raise Katahdin sheep, chickens, heritage pigs, and more. Their hope is to be able to provide healthy local meat products to their community.

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Windmist Farm was Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District "Conservation Farm of the Year in 2005".

In 2007 Windmist Farm was preserved as agricultural land forever due to the efforts and money provided by dedicated individuals, the good people of the Town of Jamestown who floated a bond to help with the purchase, the state and federal governments, the Champlin Foundation and The Nature Conservancy. To all those who had a part in this - Thank you! It is a gift to all of us. The fact that the farm and its great vistas will be agrarian on into the far future means more than we will ever know.

The People

George, Martha Neale and family are members of:

The Cattle

Grass Fed Beef, Jamestown, RI "Belties" - aren't they pretty to look at? We think so too, but better than that, they are a gentle breed and very easy to work with. They come in three color variations: black, red, or dun and almost always with the distinctive white belt. They are a polled breed-genetically hornless. The breed comes from the Galloway region of Scotland with the first recorded evidence of them from the 16th century. This long history means they are a true heritage breed, developed to do well on grass in places where conditions are not always ideal. Their shaggy appearance is the result of a double hair coat that insulates so well they have less internal fat, making their meat healthier. The small frame and slow growth of a Belted Galloway makes it a very thrifty cow, resulting in a high grass-to-meat conversion. We at Windmist Farm are delighted to be able to share this wonderful breed with passers-by and visitors alike.


Windmist Farm is a proud member of the Rhode Island Raised Livestock Association and as members we process our animals locally. Using Rhode Island Beef and Veal Inc., and Westerly Packing, we are able to avoid stressing the animal with a long trip to western Massachusetts or Vermont as was necessary in the past, and it helps our local economy.

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